Wednesday Pinspiration

Greetings from perpetually partly-cloudy Richmond, Virginia!  I started my hump day off by taking a trip over to the lake at Byrd Park after grabbing a coffee.

photo (6)

I wanted to see the blossoming trees up close and personal.  It was well worth it; the petals gathered like snowflakes on the ground.  Of course I ended my day with some Pinterest to get inspirational juices flowing and my furniture moving reflexes twitching.  This week I’ve had an extra large sweet tooth and I’ve been looking for ways to “spring up” my apartment.  I thought I would share with you some of my recent pins in these areas.


photo 1 (11) photo 2 (10) photo 3 (11) photo 4 (11) photo 5 (7)

(Click here to see these pins and more on my dessert love board. If you’d like to see recipes and the original sources, click on the photo after the jump.)

My favorite dessert OF ALL TIME would be a tie between tiramisu and cannoli.  You’d think I was Italian, alas, you’d be wrong.  I’d love to be able to make these desserts at home and seeing a homemade cannoli recipe made me want to try it out.  Seeing as I also have an overwhelming love for sprinkles, I make sure to have them in my pantry as well as my Pinterest boards.  Lastly, who can resist an espresso float for such an easy, quick dessert or a rich, chocolate cake with cinnamon to go with your morning mug of Joe?  Did I tell you how much I love Pinterest?


photo 1 (10) photo 2 (9) photo 3 (10) photo 4 (10) photo 5 (6)

(Click here to see these pins and more on my home style board.)

I love seeing pops of color around a house.  I am a lover of white paint when it comes to home decoration and design.  Having that solid, airy base makes it so easy to add in splashes of bright colors with the changing seasons and holidays and maintains a wonderful contrast.  I love in the first photo, however, that the base color is a dark charcoal and color is still used in that same fashion.  The contrast is just as brilliant!  I’ve also been seeing a lot of throw pillows used to add in textures, patterns, and bold colors while staying non-committal in the furniture or large, expensive purchase area.  Changing a throw pillow or cover is much easier than changing a couch, amen?  Amen.  Let’s also pay homage to the trend of bright barstools.  These mint beauties shown above make me want to utilize the bar area in my tiny apartment.  Another fine way to add in small fireworks of eye candy is to pick up some fresh flowers at your local market or grocer.  Fresh blooms also lift your mood.  That’s a win win.

Now go click away and get some Wednesday Pinspiration of your very own!  The options are vast!

♥xo Kathryn


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