Office Love♥

Desk Accessory Wish List

I have a desk wish list. I am borderline obsessed with office supplies (August is one of my favorite months due to school supplies being front and center). Pens, markers, calendars, washi tape, craft supplies, i.e. glitter… oh Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart… I could go on and on, but I’m starting to drool.  I thought I would put together a “wish list” for office supplies. From Kate Spade to Sugar Paper to Waiting On Martha there are so many places to get chic, useable office items. One thing my mother taught me, love everything in your house, and BE ABLE TO USE IT, no sense in living in a museum where you can only look, not touch.  Same goes for your work space.

My tips:  If you’re going to spend hours at a desk, you might as well LOVE what you’re staring at.  Go ahead and get a cute background (wallpaper, whatever you want to call it) for your computer as well!  Ashley Brooke Designs creates a new wallpaper each month (FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!! YIPPIE!!) and it can be used for your computer, tablet, or iPhone.  Pick up a cute mug from TJ Maxx or the back of your cabinet at home to house all of your pens and pencils.  (Here’s a great excuse to use a DIY for mugs you’ve been pinning on Pinterest for months!)  Small bowls or ramekins make a great holder for pushpins or paperclips.  If you have a place for everything it makes it so much easier to keep things neat and looking great.  Dust often and keep everything in its rightful place.  A dirty desk can create disarray which can carry over into your work or attitude.  Find or make items you love.  Keep in mind less is more, clutter is not good for a good work environment.  If you can keep fresh blooms at your desk those might also help brighten your mood.  Enjoy!

♥xo Kathryn


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