Anthro Kitchen

The first time I stepped into an Anthropologie I fell in love.  Hardcore.  True love.  I think Anthro feels the same about me, so we’re going to stay together forever.  The funny thing is, I like the clothes and accessories and occasionally fall for a piece, but my heart lies in the kitchen and home section.  My eyes light up when I see their glassware.  They are one of the first places I turn to when I want to see what is new for the season or need inspiration.  (Other websites/stores I like to check out for kitchen and home items are Pier One Imports, World Market, Target and Homegoods/TJ Maxx, and of course, local thrift shops!  Get out and go see what you can find for a GREAT deal!)

Last night I was in a kitchen kind of mood so I immediately jumped over to Anthro.  -I go through phases, sometimes I’m feeling the bedroom, sometimes the living room, sometimes clothing only; it is as if my brain can only focus on one area at a time, but doesn’t have the patience to stay in that room for very long.-  I was thinking ‘Spring Colors’ when my fingers hit the keys last night at a shameful hour.  I was not disappointed.  Take a look at what I was ogling:

(Link to Anthropologie House & Home)

image image image image image image image image <– Copper plated serving pieces?! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

When it comes to interior decorating, I am an “all things white” type of gal.  I want white walls, white cabinets, a white “base” if you will, so that I can add in splashes of color (so that it can be changed easily and often).  Currently my bedroom is all white & gold, my living area is black & white, but my kitchen… it’s a color bonanza.  White walls, white cabinets, white appliances, and EVERYTHING ELSE is just as bright as I can get it.  My mother and her mother each have Fiestaware in their kitchens, so I have a feeling decorating with a Rainbow Brite palate is something ingrained.


♥xo Kathryn


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