A Few Beauty Favorites

I am a creature of habit when it comes to my skin.  I’ve had issues with my complexion and after visiting a dermatologist and nailing down a skincare routine that works well for me I have been adamant about it.  Find what works.  Unfortunately since everyone is different, it’s a trial and error type of escapade.  I tried the gambit.  My dermatologist helped a heaping, so I’d fully recommend finding one that you feel comfortable with.  Thankfully, I have found several items that do what I need them to do, and they do it well.  I’ve found my happy place.

I have to tell you, I wasn’t always a good girl when it came to my skin.  When I was in my early 20’s, I didn’t give a hoot about cleansing, exfoliating, or moisturizing.  Now that I’m staring 30 straight in the eye, it is an entirely different tale.  If I had a boy and stayed over at his place Friday or Saturday night I wouldn’t worry about taking off my makeup before falling asleep – major NO NO.  Let’s be honest, even if I didn’t have a boy and was staying at my own apartment, I didn’t take the time to drunkenly or stone cold soberly suds my face up before hitting the proverbial hay.  Many mornings I would wake up looking like Gene Simmons after a KISS concert.  It was brutal.  I used moderately heavy makeup, spent time at the beach and tanning bed without sunscreen, and never made time for a facial.  I know the years of abuse wasn’t great for my pretty self, but I’m trying to repent now by getting lots of beauty rest and staying the course on my regimen.  I have a Clarisonic Mia 2 and I use The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Cleansing Face Wash each morning and night.  Additionally, here’s what I am currently loving and using faithfully:


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I use an illuminating moisturizer from The Body Shop for daytime & a TimeWise moisturizer from Mary Kay for nighttime.  I also use an additional eye cream morning and night, Vitamin E eye cream from The Body Shop.

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My lips get very dry if I don’t keep them moisturized so I make sure to swipe on a light layer of unscented, color free balm each night before falling asleep.  To keep from forgetting I keep My Favorite Night Balm from Bath&Body Works on my nightstand.  I also have Rose Salve from C.O. Bigelow which can be used for so many things.  I use it often in lieu of cuticle oil, but keep it handy to throw in an overnight bag if I’ll be away from my apartment for a night or more to have for lips, cuticles, elbows, etc.  Pack one and done!

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I am fair skinned.  Read:  super mega pale (with freckles! oh boy!).  I can become tan after many sessions with sunlight, but for the most part, I am naturally ivory.  PS – you do not know embarrassment until you have to roam around Ulta or Target with each brand’s claim of “Ivory” makeup in your hand trying to compare them to find out which really is the fairest of them all.  Finding a good gradual tanner that doesn’t reek of chemicals or make you sallow or Dorito shades is difficult.  I was so excited to discover True Blue Spa’s Moisturizing Gradual Tanner doesn’t smell funny, actually moisturizes (shocking!), and turns a beautiful shade of TAN, as opposed to yellow or orange, so I grabbed it and never looked back.  I also am a HUGE fan of The Body Shop’s Beautifying Oil.  The best way to describe it is “dry oil” – which I know the term itself sounds absurd, but roll with me – it leaves a beautiful sheen on my legs and arms, that I use to full advantage in the summer months!  I can’t stand looking dry or flaky.  It makes me sad.

My mother almost had to get me in a choke hold to agree to find a dermatologist, but it honestly was the best thing I could do for myself and my confidence.  Once I received great advice and started implementing a better routine with my skin, it became second nature.  Best advice I can give – take care of your skin!  A glowing complexion can give you wonderful self-esteem and that can have a great effect on your attitude!

♥xo Kathryn



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