Dress Up

The occasion to get all dolled up doesn’t come along very often, but a girl needs to be prepared!  Graduations, grown up birthday parties, fancy date nights, weddings – all of these are prime examples of needing to get a little gussied up.  Of course, in my fake closet on Polyvore (haha) I have arranged a few outfits for spring or summer.

Dress Up

I have a very classic style.  A little preppy, mostly neutral, but not afraid of color.  These are prime examples of something I would put together and wear.  I didn’t include any jewelry or accessories because to be frank, my jewelry pairs best with my mood.  Sometimes I like to go light and delicate and some days I love nothing more than a chunky statement piece that can be seen from Mars.  There’s honestly no rhyme or reason to my preferences.  For makeup I would go one of two ways (I don’t wear a lot of makeup and I usually have two go-to looks for an evening style) either a mild black eyeliner and nude lips or minimal eyes with a bold lip.  That’s it, nothing too fancy or courageous in the makeup department.  I love natural looks more than anything.  I’ve got my outfit and will match hair and any additional pieces to complete the look with what I’m feeling that day, now just for a special occasion…


♥xo Kathryn


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