Summer Afternoons

I enjoy a warm, breezy summer afternoon just like everyone else.  I was thinking today about going to a park to get some sun on my pale body and catch up on a good read.  Of course that got me thinking… what shall I bring with me?  What all would I need for an afternoon in the park of sunning and relaxation??

Summer Afternoon

The basics:  I need a towel, a fantastic book to read, lightweight tank and shorts over my swimsuit and cute sandals in case I want to stop for coffee or run an errand before or after, sunnies and a floppy hat to shield my eyes, dry oil/tanning spray or sunscreen, facial/body mist for cooling off, a water bottle, and a large (adorable) tote to hold all of my items.

Isn’t the swimsuit I found the cutest?  It’s a J Crew swimsuit (so is the towel).  I really love strapless tops since they allow for less tan lines, but they are hard for busty women to be comfortable in, which makes me frown some.  I am also digging the vintage bathing suit trend with higher waists to cover a little more and accentuate all of a woman’s curves properly.

If you went to the park, beach, or your backyard to catch some rays would you be a magazine or a novel girl?  I’ve always been a beach – book kind of girl.  Living so close to the beach in my early adulthood, admittedly, spoiled me.  I would keep a packed beach bag in my car at all times and would get up and head to the beach to read, reflect, refresh, and reset myself over the weekends.  It was, in a word, marvelous.  Some days I would take beer over ice with me, some days I would stop at a beach bar for a frozen drink, and some days it would simply be water.  Some days I’d stay out there for hours, some days it would only be for a short while.  There was no plan, there was no rush, there was no one else to worry about except for myself.  It was my “me time.”  I try to capture that feeling again by going to a park here in the city with a book and a large towel and free time.  Make sure you carve out time for your ‘serene’ as well!

♥xo Kathryn


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