Crush On Blush

Recently I’ve found myself in a bit of a love affair with a feminine color.  I can safely say that my favorite colors and patterns revolve around any combination of white, gold, polka dots, stripes, and pink.  I’ve been crushing hard on blush lately, though.  It has been very easy to do; from candles and cookware to pillows and polish, that faint hue of pink is everywhere now.

Crush On Blush

Pink bedding

Pantone mug
$17 –

Newgate Clocks battery clock
$34 –

LSA International glass home decor
$24 –

Vanilla candle

Ted Baker zip bag
$47 –

Metal side table
$26 –


Essie nail polish

Topshop nail care
$10 –


What do you think?  Just a fad or a classic?  My bet is on classic since light feminine touches never go out of style.


♥xo Kathryn


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