NYX Lip Cream Love

I just wanted to write a quick shout out to NYX for making such a wonderful product.  Consider this an awkward love letter.

I wanted to get a new lip product and I wandered into CVS aimlessly with nothing in mind other than getting a fun color and a convenient product.  I lucked upon the NYX section and I saw their lip cream.  Interest:  piqued.  The last time I purchased a lip product it was frosty.  It had sparkles that Edward Cullen would envy.  I’m more of a matte type of girl.  I really like balms more than lipsticks, as I usually only wear lipstick every once in a while.  I saw “soft matte” before the words lip cream.  So I thought, well, why not?  And I’m so glad I did.  I first purchased the color Toyko since it was a lighter pink and closer to a natural color.  I fell so head over heels for the rich pigment and luxurious smooth finish in such a convenient little easy to apply wand format.  I can’t say enough great things.  Wait, yes I can.  I ran out the very next day and purchased two more.  That’s love.

{Colors Left to Right on swatch: Tokyo, Amsterdam, Addis Ababa}

Processed with Rookie

Processed with Rookie








{Makeup Bag was a special gift from a great friend for my birthday, she got it from Forever 21}


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