Southern Kitchen

One of my friends is thinking about moving out on her own sometime in the near future and she’s going to have to start gathering items for her first place.  She’s extremely new to the game and asked for some help.  I started thinking about everything one might need to start her/his own Southern Kitchen.  It’s my spinoff of a Jeff Foxworthy joke.  You might be in a southern kitchen if you’ve seen…..  (my brain works in mysterious ways)

Southern Kitchen

1.  Dutch oven and cast iron skillet:  Of course I had to start off with this.  Have you ever been to a meal in the south that didn’t feature cornbread or biscuits that were made in a cast iron skillet?  No.  You also want to be able to make fried chicken.  Yes, you do.

2.  An abundance of pitchers:  Most southern kitchens will have so many pitchers that half of them haven’t been used to house drinkable liquids in years.  Those pitchers are for unintended decoration, a watering cans for plants, or a vase in a pinch.  This has become a trend all over, thankfully.  My pitcher vase is cool now.  I feel very hipsterish.

3.  A tea set:  This tea set might be used, or it might sit in a china cabinet untouched.  It was either passed down from generation to generation, or it was purchased out of the yearly wishbook from Sears twenty years ago when Roebuck was part of the game.

4.  A favorite mug:  There will be many, many mugs in the cupboard.  Believe me, one of them is the favorite child.  It is probably as unsightly as the red headed step child, but it gets the most love.

5.  Stand mixer & cake stand:  Two words.  From.  Scratch.  ‘Nuff said.

6.  Mason jars:  They were purchased to can something from the garden.  After being used and rinsed, they now hold your sweet tea.  Bonus points if they have a handle.  (I have so many mason jars in my cabinets.  All sizes and shapes, and I’ve never canned a thing in my life.  Some of them were “accidentally” absconded from my mother’s house.  Whoops.)

7.  Barware, including decanters:  The patriarch of the family either drinks beer from the bottle or he pours two fingers of something depending on how the week went.  The matriarch has a signature cocktail that she gravitates towards.  Either way, they’ll be pouring from or drinking out of something that looks “highbrow” (high-class or fancy).

8.  Monogrammed items:  Oh there WILL be something with an initial or monogram on it.  Coasters are the highest bet, but it could be a serving dish or drinking glasses.

9.  Picnic/BBQ items:  I guarantee your mother will have something made for a large gathering.  Whether it be a roasting pan that could accommodate the state of Texas or a pitcher with a pour spout because people drink sweet tea and lemonade like it’ll save them from the humidity, there is something stashed away in her cabinets or pantry that makes family reunions easier.  Well, from a cooking standpoint at least.

Truth be told, I love everything listed above.  My roots were planted in the deep south.  I hope I didn’t miss anything.  That would be as bad a sitting a casserole dish down on the dining room table without a doily under it.  Shameful!  Haha!  Enjoy your week!

♥xo Kathryn


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