Four Ways – H&M Shorts

My friend Amanda and I have the same H&M floral shorts. We were talking about how cute they are the other day and she mentioned she wasn’t sure what she should wear with them – thus, a post was born. Even though these shorts are patterned and could be considered hard to pair with items, when you start putting outfits together and brainstorming, you can see they are very versatile. I try not to purchase something unless I can see myself wearing it, at minimum, 3 different ways. I like to have items I can mix and match and wear often (let’s get our money’s worth, ladies).  I went with a casual option and a dressier option (for a day date or the like) and two other day-to-day choices. I also thought of weather changes and looked for short sleeve and long sleeve items. These floral shorts can go from early spring to early fall if you really get creative. Enjoy!

h&m shorts

J Crew sweater

Vero Moda sleeveless peplum top
$27 –

Merino wool sweater
$120 –

H&M shorts
$10 –

J.crew sandals

Tory Burch sandals

Pieces black shoes
$47 –

Michael Kors watch

Crystal bracelet

Nixon wrap watch

Michael Kors stainless steel jewelry
$355 –

Options, options, options!  Happy outfit planning!!

♥xo Kathryn


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