Current Kate Sale ♠

Ready for Friday?  That’s usually a silly question.  I am definitely ready for the long weekend!  I am going to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend with some major downtime (and college football), however I know there are so many sales gearing up right now!  I am sure that most of America will be online searching for a great deal or outside cluttering the malls and boosting the economy this weekend!  I was “window browsing” tonight just dreaming of all the dollars discounted in the next few days to come.  Let me share some of my favorite current sale items from Kate Spade:

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Wouldn’t these be beautiful and useful?  The perfect red cocktail dress, the phone case that can break the ice, the makeup bag that makes cleanup easy and lugging around beauty products more enjoyable, and a two-toned beau clutch that I have been in love with since I laid eyes on it months ago.  Oh, smitten.

I hope you enjoy your Friday & get your long weekend off to a lovely start!  ♥xo Kathryn


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