What I’m Pinning

I am still sorting out my outfit inspiration boards and getting organized with some new boards (beauty & spiritual inspiration), but the picture organization has refreshed my memory on some of the outfits I liked last year.  I believe looking at them again has been a great thing!  Once I get all of my clothing boards revamped I will tackle food boards (yikes!).  Here are some of my most recent pins:

(find me on pinterest, SteelMagnoliaK)

3a85806aef9f8c01569883e86bec032d 4d476df4eea35676a5d10e8df7fdd0d8 5b04beb2852fe0fbce9062d8491e15a4 9d84e9be2a7986057ffb9f251168b9f9 312c63797a3e98578d51b7b0ab550c00 1667bf08fed2eb46856ca48dd9437515 2384dcaad7cb104f330c32304f8a3c14 4788246707b65c8e8c7ddfa3fae3172c c34ef4d823cb4fd5b5de0ee68ad977eb ca57189abb8f15309909fc86de76c2c7 ec1911fa408d4df5b8796f2622a8a39d

♥xo Kathryn 


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