Since temperatures have started to head into preferable ranges I have had a blast dressing for the new fall season.  I have always been addicted to button down shirts and mad for plaid.  My new loafer obsession has kicked into high gear and I’ll be on the lookout for a nice pair at a reasonable price (or on sale).  New booties have been found (at Marshalls for $20!!  High five!).  Boots pulled from the closet and dusted off, made for walking, have been making a debut as well.  Scarves, oh scarves…  I can’t explain how excited I get to dress for milder temperatures.  Recent wears:

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My new loves.  Extremely soft on the inside with a fur lining, just enough Western flair stitching mixed with a more modern shape, and a color that I can make go with anything.  For twenty bucks, that’s a steal.


plaid shirt / Ross, sweater / Loft, necklace / Ebay find


shirt / Gap, jeans / Miss Me, loafers / TJ Maxx, scarf / TJ Maxx

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shirt / Target, scarf / gifted


shirt / H&M, jeans / Gap – thrifted, sandals / Forever 21, bag / Coach

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shirt / Loft, plaid shirt / H&M – thrifted, jeans / Gap, sandals / Forever 21, bag / Steve Madden


shirt / Ross, skirt / gifted, sandals / TJ Maxx


dress / TJ Maxx, scarf / gifted


dress / Target, boots TJ Maxx, bag / Steve Madden

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shirt / Loft, plaid shirt / Target, jeans / Gap – thrifted, loafers / TJ Maxx, phone case / Kate Spade, watch / Michael Kors


shirt / WalMart, skirt / Loft, boots / Urban Outfitters

Enjoy! xo♥ Kathryn

My Old Navy Fall Picks

A chunky knit cardigan that I could LIVE in all season long, a flannel button down that is oversized for a boyfriend fit, merlot colored pants with zippered pockets for more of an edge, a tweed vest for layered perfection, all of these plus more caught my eye.  Old Navy has so many basic tops in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures – they are one of my go-to places for basics at great prices.  Think about getting some tops that fit well for your body type and make you feel cozy and comfy to layer under scarves, cardigans, chunky knits, button downs, and vests for the upcoming chill.  Fall is all about the layers, ladies and gents.

(Links listed below)


Old Navy Fall Picks

Enjoy your day! ♥xo Kathryn

My J Crew Factory Fall Picks

Still looking forward to fall shopping.  Here are my J Crew Factory fall picks:

(links below)


J Crew Factory Fall Picks


I am the type of girl that gravitates towards black, white, navy, and oatmeal colors.  I love grey t-shirts.  I could buy one from every store and want more.  They are always the softest, most versatile pieces of clothing in my opinion.  If I had to live on a deserted island I would bring an old grey t-shirt with me.  It would be one of my 3 items I’m allowed to take, as the joke goes.  Naturally, fall is my favorite season to dress for because most of my favorite colors to dress with are on spotlight.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love neon and bright pink, however, most items of clothing I own are neutral (I get it from my mother).  The items I’ve chosen are a perfect blend of comfort and style.  I think mixing a merlot pencil skirt with a casual camo tee and being able to throw a crewneck sweater over it when the night air gets a chill in it is an amazing combination.  Elastic band skirts and pants that are in style?!  An old soul’s dream.  I hope you love these pieces as much as I do.  Enjoy!  ♥xo Kathryn

J Crew sweater

J Crew j crew sweater

Sweatshirts hoody

T shirt

J Crew top

J Crew blue sweater

J Crew green jacket

J Crew clothing

J.Crew pull on pants

J.Crew denim jeans

Long skirt

J Crew mini skirt

Factory skinny cord

Suede shoes

Loafer shoes

J Crew flat

Pink shawl

Baseball cap

My H&M Fall Picks

If you want to know what Kathryn would wear, you’re in luck.  College football season has kicked off and I’m sitting front row on my couch with a nice fall brew, homemade buffalo chicken dip & chips, and my laptop on my lap with my fall picks in mind.  I love browsing and online shopping while watching television.  I have been searching websites for my top fall picks and making mental notes for some future outfits.  Here are my picks from H&M:

Casual, dress up/down, layering, mixing textures, & dark jewel tones are catching my attention.


H&M Fall Picks


H M black lace dress
$8.29 – hm.com

H M long sleeve dress
$21 – hm.com

H M black top
$33 – hm.com

H M sweatshirt
$33 – hm.com

H M top
$25 – hm.com

H M black blouse
$9.95 – hm.com

H M jacket
$58 – hm.com

H&M dark denim jeans
$50 – hm.com

H&M jeans
$13 – hm.com

H&M high heel booties
$99 – hm.com

H&M black suede pumps
$50 – hm.com

H M pointed toe flat
$50 – hm.com

H M flat
$13 – hm.com

H M handbag
$115 – hm.com

H M red crocodile handbag
$50 – hm.com

H M sparkly necklace
$30 – hm.com

H M necklace
$22 – hm.com

H M wool hat
$22 – hm.com

H M woolen scarve
$22 – hm.com

H M scarve
$12 – hm.com

H M print scarve
$6.62 – hm.com

What do you think?  Makes you want to get up and go shopping, right?!  Enjoy your long weekend!  ♥xo Kathryn

Current Kate Sale ♠

Ready for Friday?  That’s usually a silly question.  I am definitely ready for the long weekend!  I am going to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend with some major downtime (and college football), however I know there are so many sales gearing up right now!  I am sure that most of America will be online searching for a great deal or outside cluttering the malls and boosting the economy this weekend!  I was “window browsing” tonight just dreaming of all the dollars discounted in the next few days to come.  Let me share some of my favorite current sale items from Kate Spade:

1c7e50bde4717fef5e24eebfb233d428 3b52843371ae976cd78db0dcc7f8f3d9 6c36b69638b42b4c9d99bcf226504c06 7aa73cac021d07364ea25434888fc150 7c275e4d6c64acd3797bcfb6e28ae0c3 43c6a128022cd66dfe9260dd98db2964 2455ad974f380dd2a1cf952e3d3fac36 babf7099c25b6979fa1b9a4ca0c7f21b bc9422fc24f02233051fa0b84a717030 d88583342b8df9c0b7e9ba72cf3189db eb85bc1a8295363957129addf53b37a3

Wouldn’t these be beautiful and useful?  The perfect red cocktail dress, the phone case that can break the ice, the makeup bag that makes cleanup easy and lugging around beauty products more enjoyable, and a two-toned beau clutch that I have been in love with since I laid eyes on it months ago.  Oh, smitten.

I hope you enjoy your Friday & get your long weekend off to a lovely start!  ♥xo Kathryn

Loafer Love ♥


Have you noticed that loafers have become extreme?  Some of the designs are a little too far out there for me, but there are so many that I wouldn’t mind (aka love) showing off and wearing around.  Besides the level of comfort they provide, they have become quite fashionable, proving they can be the best of both worlds instead of just your Uncle Benny’s favorite house attire.  I have gathered an assortment from an array of vendors and prices, ranging from bold & daring to simply stated.

loafer love

Chiara Ferragni loafer

Chiara Ferragni white shoes

Blue Bird blue shoes

Ravel loafers flat
$71 – asos.com

Kenzo orange shoes
$160 – jades24.com

Pull&Bear flat shoes
$10 – pullandbear.com

J Crew loafer

H&M loafer shoes
$17 – hm.com

I have two pairs of loafers that I scored from TJ Maxx at great prices that I am smitten with.  I feel as if I can pair them with multiple outfits and throw them on as easily as I can shuck them off.  I believe the collection should grow with a statement pair, right?

The pair in the picture above: Dolce Vita priced under $30, and the pair below with a casual look I wore earlier this week:  Report for under $20.

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♥xo Kathryn

Swimsuit Dreamin’

Since I’ll be taking a vacation at the beach in a couple months I needed to get a swimsuit – or two.  I found some bottoms from J Crew on major, MAJOR sale (this particular one shown below was 19.99 after the additional 40% off).  I love the mix & match look of a solid top or bottom with a printed opposite.  I will be spending the next few weekends trying to find the perfect solid black top to complement the bottoms that I ordered.  I really like this black top and would love to find something similar.  I’m on a mission!

I put together a visual packing list of what I will need to take to the beach; it helps me to know what else I need to get.  On the list?  A floppy hat, beach shoes, and a cover-up.  There are so many options for cover-ups now.  The market is saturated with choices.  I really like the sheer sundress or tunic looks because they are so easy to throw on and jet into a store or have lunch on a patio without feeling like you don’t actually have clothes on.  On the other hand, I love the original sarong style cover that can be worn just to cover the hips or tied higher to cover the entire chest and torso.  These large scarves are usually bright and bold with so many patterns and colors to choose from.  It’s an additional accessory to your swimsuit rather than hiding it.  This particular one shown below is a large scarf from H&M specifically for that purpose.  Any other ideas?

Beach Days

River Island bikini swimsuit
$27 – riverisland.com

H M cover up
$14 – hm.com

Flip flops

Flora Bella beach bag

Straw hat

Hope everyone has a lovely Monday tomorrow!


♥xo Kathryn