Holiday Pinning

Lately I’ve been trying to get my Pins in order & organize my boards (my recipe boards are a mess!).  I have been LOVING the holiday images posted recently.  The food, home décor, Christmas trees, & winter wonderlands have all brought out the magical season’s joy inside of me.  Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Christmas Pins

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Since temperatures have started to head into preferable ranges I have had a blast dressing for the new fall season.  I have always been addicted to button down shirts and mad for plaid.  My new loafer obsession has kicked into high gear and I’ll be on the lookout for a nice pair at a reasonable price (or on sale).  New booties have been found (at Marshalls for $20!!  High five!).  Boots pulled from the closet and dusted off, made for walking, have been making a debut as well.  Scarves, oh scarves…  I can’t explain how excited I get to dress for milder temperatures.  Recent wears:

Processed with Rookie

My new loves.  Extremely soft on the inside with a fur lining, just enough Western flair stitching mixed with a more modern shape, and a color that I can make go with anything.  For twenty bucks, that’s a steal.


plaid shirt / Ross, sweater / Loft, necklace / Ebay find


shirt / Gap, jeans / Miss Me, loafers / TJ Maxx, scarf / TJ Maxx

Processed with Rookie

shirt / Target, scarf / gifted


shirt / H&M, jeans / Gap – thrifted, sandals / Forever 21, bag / Coach

Processed with Rookie

shirt / Loft, plaid shirt / H&M – thrifted, jeans / Gap, sandals / Forever 21, bag / Steve Madden


shirt / Ross, skirt / gifted, sandals / TJ Maxx


dress / TJ Maxx, scarf / gifted


dress / Target, boots TJ Maxx, bag / Steve Madden

Processed with Rookie

shirt / Loft, plaid shirt / Target, jeans / Gap – thrifted, loafers / TJ Maxx, phone case / Kate Spade, watch / Michael Kors


shirt / WalMart, skirt / Loft, boots / Urban Outfitters

Enjoy! xo♥ Kathryn

Flashback Friday


Woo hoo!!!  We made it to Friday!  Let’s celebrate!!


Flashback to D.C. with my little brother, Tucker.  (Isn’t he a cutie?!)  He’s in the process of starting his senior year of college and applying to medical school.  It is such a grueling task and I had no idea until watching him descend upon the craziness.  For all of you dreamers out there with a huge goal in mind, work hard!  Keep at it!  It will be worth it when your destiny is fulfilled!  Until then, continue to be grateful for the journey & work on your skills, keeping the hustle up!  Thank God for the ups and the downs.  #begratefulnothateful

Enjoy your Friday!  Cheers to the weekend!  ♥xo Kathryn


Behind The Stall Door

I wrote this back in 2011 after having an aha moment in a dressing room stall.  After reading over it again, it still rings true, so I wanted to share it with you.  I still look for that holy grail pair of jeans in boyfriend cuts, straight leg, and skinny.  I still have to drag myself kicking and screaming to the gym and remind myself moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle when I want to have pie for dinner and cake for dessert.  Every person, male or female, age notwithstanding, has had an issue with some part of their body or lifestyle, whether it be fitness or nutrition.  We are all human.  God made me with a sweet tooth and a short, curvy body and I know he didn’t make me to love chocolate if he didn’t mean for me to have it every once in a while.  The point being, we ALL deal with the same issues in different capacities.  Know that you aren’t alone and enjoy!

Processed with Rookie

Since men don’t realize what goes on in the dressing room, and other women don’t realize they aren’t the only ones that go through this same process, I have decided to make it public.  Welcome to what happens behind the stall door.

I’d rather go for my yearly physical exam than go shopping for jeans.  I’d rather go bathing suit shopping than go shopping for jeans.  I’d rather go to walmart and be chained to a bench inside for 10 hours than to go shopping for jeans.  On the totem pole of life, jeans shopping is amongst the slime and disgust of the ground floor.  They all fit differently!  All of them!  Size doesn’t mean anything when you walk across the hall from Gap to Nordstrom.  28 or 6 or 12 or 5 or 31 or 22?  Short, regular, long.  Indigo, distressed, jegging, stretch, don’t wash for a year?…what?  It’s like ordering a coffee from Starbucks.


I cannot resist to try on every pair that I come across hoping to find my holy grail pair, and then buy them in every wash, no matter the price.  When I was in high school, I was a stick with no bumps or curves.  Let’s just say the opposite is now.  For years I wished I could fill out a pair of jeans, now I wish my filling was more proportionate to the actual jean pattern.. I digress.


Ann Taylor LOFT made me tickled pink when I found their petite tailored jeans on sale.  I always roll my eyes as I grab a pair of jeans and head to the dressing room, but as I mentioned earlier, I cannot resist.  With oodles of hope swelling inside of me, I unhooked the jeans from the hanger and purposefully avoided the mirror as I slid the denim over my feet and up my gams.  Reaching thigh level I didn’t have to tug, and with a tilt of my head and the raising of my right eyebrow I continued on.  Slight jolt and jump up as the tag reaches my crack.  Darn, I wore a thong today.  How is it that the manufacturer of all companies likes to put the tag conveniently in a place that will slide right up no sunshine territory?  Each time i get “tagged” I make a mental note to remember to never let that happen again.  Pulling the tag away from my hindparts and getting the jeans over the lady lump and then on to the biggest question of them all, are they going to button without pain, procedure, or horizontal posture???  YES!!

As I let out a breath I realize I had been holding since thigh level, I slowly turned to face the mirror.  Well, I be damned.  Then I rotate the bottom half of me so I can see my rumpus and make sure it looks good, not too snug as to get those stress lines on the back of my thighs, check, squatting down ever so slightly to make sure no evidence of crack would appear, check, noting the point the hem hits the floor so I can wear flats without tearing them up, check.

As I squeal with delight, my friend hears me and deduces which stall I am in, because apparently my voice is notable and distinguishable amongst other women.  “They fit!!” I proclaim.

As I’m on a roll, I might as well try on the top I brought in here as well.  Now let me tell you, I am a sucker for button down shirts.  For some reason, I adore them.  I own more than enough of them.  Most of them I can’t even wear.  Why?  Well, as of recent I learned that if my chest grows any larger Victoria’s Secret will no longer be able to retain my business as they do not make any sizes bigger than the one I am at now.  I’ve hit the glass ceiling girls.  And to think, I prayed for these things all through middle and high school.  It’s either sports-bras-R-us, or diet diet diet to kill the curves, or (gasp) wear the bland nude colored ones that you used to make fun of and put on your head as a child while walking through the department store with your mother.  While I express this endowment as tragic, it most certainly is not, I am thankful for my wonderful assets, but I do curse up and down and all over as I’m trying to button each one of my button down shirts.

Thank you Ann Taylor LOFT, I realized as I put on a size SMALL PETITE button down shirt with room to spare that I am still quite tiny as a woman, I’m just gynormous as a girl.  This knowledge could have prevented some mental breakdowns and tears shed while trying on larges in Forever XXI and American Eagle.  More happy squeals emerge from my stall and my friend giggles again as she is also having success and celebrating in her stall on her end of the dressing room.

Here’s the thing to remember, size is only a number, it’s how it fits that determines how people look at you and how you look at yourself most importantly.  Know your body, know your age, shop appropriately.  I’m 5’2″ therefore I need petite or I will butcher a hemline, for I do not need 34″ of length.  Yes, I’m happy that I fit in a size S because I had been torturing myself for being a L to XL in a store that sells to girls who aren’t old enough to receive their curves.  I’m not large, and there is no reason for me to torture myself over a tag.  The only reason to torture myself is getting winded after climbing three flights of stairs.  That’s legitimate, know the difference.

It took a 40% off sale for me to get a good kick in the butt, but that red bag gave me much more than 2 pairs of jeans and a button up shirt that closes without screaming for help.  It gave me PERSPECTIVE.


–Now go to the gym and make sure you have dessert after dinner tomorrow.  Enjoy yourself.

♥xo Kathryn

What I’m Pinning

I am still sorting out my outfit inspiration boards and getting organized with some new boards (beauty & spiritual inspiration), but the picture organization has refreshed my memory on some of the outfits I liked last year.  I believe looking at them again has been a great thing!  Once I get all of my clothing boards revamped I will tackle food boards (yikes!).  Here are some of my most recent pins:

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♥xo Kathryn 

Bellytimber HH

It was suggested that beers should be had.  I said, “Let’s go.”

We wound up at Bellytimber Tavern in Richmond, VA – They have an amazing happy hour because they also discount their pizzas and some of their apps.  High five!  I personally love their pizzas (I have never had anything that was subpar in this establishment).  The atmosphere is very casual, yet aesthetically pleasing and offbeat.  Definitely try the Mexican Pizza if you like that sort of thing.  Dollar off beer – and we’re talking GOOD beer.  I had two full sized glasses of beer and an entire pizza for under $20.  That’s a great deal!

…And the company shared was wonderful as well!

IMG_3892 Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie


♥xo Kathryn

Southern Kitchen

One of my friends is thinking about moving out on her own sometime in the near future and she’s going to have to start gathering items for her first place.  She’s extremely new to the game and asked for some help.  I started thinking about everything one might need to start her/his own Southern Kitchen.  It’s my spinoff of a Jeff Foxworthy joke.  You might be in a southern kitchen if you’ve seen…..  (my brain works in mysterious ways)

Southern Kitchen

1.  Dutch oven and cast iron skillet:  Of course I had to start off with this.  Have you ever been to a meal in the south that didn’t feature cornbread or biscuits that were made in a cast iron skillet?  No.  You also want to be able to make fried chicken.  Yes, you do.

2.  An abundance of pitchers:  Most southern kitchens will have so many pitchers that half of them haven’t been used to house drinkable liquids in years.  Those pitchers are for unintended decoration, a watering cans for plants, or a vase in a pinch.  This has become a trend all over, thankfully.  My pitcher vase is cool now.  I feel very hipsterish.

3.  A tea set:  This tea set might be used, or it might sit in a china cabinet untouched.  It was either passed down from generation to generation, or it was purchased out of the yearly wishbook from Sears twenty years ago when Roebuck was part of the game.

4.  A favorite mug:  There will be many, many mugs in the cupboard.  Believe me, one of them is the favorite child.  It is probably as unsightly as the red headed step child, but it gets the most love.

5.  Stand mixer & cake stand:  Two words.  From.  Scratch.  ‘Nuff said.

6.  Mason jars:  They were purchased to can something from the garden.  After being used and rinsed, they now hold your sweet tea.  Bonus points if they have a handle.  (I have so many mason jars in my cabinets.  All sizes and shapes, and I’ve never canned a thing in my life.  Some of them were “accidentally” absconded from my mother’s house.  Whoops.)

7.  Barware, including decanters:  The patriarch of the family either drinks beer from the bottle or he pours two fingers of something depending on how the week went.  The matriarch has a signature cocktail that she gravitates towards.  Either way, they’ll be pouring from or drinking out of something that looks “highbrow” (high-class or fancy).

8.  Monogrammed items:  Oh there WILL be something with an initial or monogram on it.  Coasters are the highest bet, but it could be a serving dish or drinking glasses.

9.  Picnic/BBQ items:  I guarantee your mother will have something made for a large gathering.  Whether it be a roasting pan that could accommodate the state of Texas or a pitcher with a pour spout because people drink sweet tea and lemonade like it’ll save them from the humidity, there is something stashed away in her cabinets or pantry that makes family reunions easier.  Well, from a cooking standpoint at least.

Truth be told, I love everything listed above.  My roots were planted in the deep south.  I hope I didn’t miss anything.  That would be as bad a sitting a casserole dish down on the dining room table without a doily under it.  Shameful!  Haha!  Enjoy your week!

♥xo Kathryn