Baby It’s Cold Outside

Sweater season is in full effect.  Layers, scarves, boots, puffy vests, oh my.  Have you been having fun dressing for cooler temps, too?


sweater LOFT (thrifted) / jeans Gap / flats Target / clutch Coach


shirt Forever21 / dress Target / necklace Ebay find / watch Michael Kors / cup Anthropologie / phone case Kate Spade


sweater LOFT / vest LL Bean / scarf Juicy Couture (TJ Maxx) / jeans Miss Me / flats Target


cardigan Forever21 / scarf Forever21 / dress Calvin Klein / boots Etienne Agner (TJ Maxx) / bag Steve Madden



scarf Target / vest LL Bean / jeans 7 For Mankind / boots LL Bean / bag Coach

Stay warm y’all!  Happy dressing!
-SMK xo♥


Accessories make it possible to change one outfit into ten.  Scarves, vests, necklaces, layering pieces, and different styles of footwear make it all possible to morph one dress into multiple outfits.  This is why I LOVE dressing during the colder months.  Is it possible to wear scarves too often?…because I think I’m an addict.

Processed with Rookie

dress TJ Maxx / boots Etienne Aigner (TJ Maxx) / scarf Juicy Couture (TJ Maxx) / watch Michael Kors


sweater Target / lip pencil NYX Cosmetics / nail polish CoverGirl


top Target / jeans Gap (thrifted) / sandals Nine West (TJ Maxx) / bag Steve Madden


scarf Forever21 / sweater Target / leggings Lucky Brand (Marshalls) / ankle boots Bamboo (Marshalls) / bag Steve Madden


scarf Target / top Gap / jeans Gap (thrifted) / flats Target

Hope you’re having a great weekend! Enjoy! ♥xo Kathryn


Since temperatures have started to head into preferable ranges I have had a blast dressing for the new fall season.  I have always been addicted to button down shirts and mad for plaid.  My new loafer obsession has kicked into high gear and I’ll be on the lookout for a nice pair at a reasonable price (or on sale).  New booties have been found (at Marshalls for $20!!  High five!).  Boots pulled from the closet and dusted off, made for walking, have been making a debut as well.  Scarves, oh scarves…  I can’t explain how excited I get to dress for milder temperatures.  Recent wears:

Processed with Rookie

My new loves.  Extremely soft on the inside with a fur lining, just enough Western flair stitching mixed with a more modern shape, and a color that I can make go with anything.  For twenty bucks, that’s a steal.


plaid shirt / Ross, sweater / Loft, necklace / Ebay find


shirt / Gap, jeans / Miss Me, loafers / TJ Maxx, scarf / TJ Maxx

Processed with Rookie

shirt / Target, scarf / gifted


shirt / H&M, jeans / Gap – thrifted, sandals / Forever 21, bag / Coach

Processed with Rookie

shirt / Loft, plaid shirt / H&M – thrifted, jeans / Gap, sandals / Forever 21, bag / Steve Madden


shirt / Ross, skirt / gifted, sandals / TJ Maxx


dress / TJ Maxx, scarf / gifted


dress / Target, boots TJ Maxx, bag / Steve Madden

Processed with Rookie

shirt / Loft, plaid shirt / Target, jeans / Gap – thrifted, loafers / TJ Maxx, phone case / Kate Spade, watch / Michael Kors


shirt / WalMart, skirt / Loft, boots / Urban Outfitters

Enjoy! xo♥ Kathryn

My Old Navy Fall Picks

A chunky knit cardigan that I could LIVE in all season long, a flannel button down that is oversized for a boyfriend fit, merlot colored pants with zippered pockets for more of an edge, a tweed vest for layered perfection, all of these plus more caught my eye.  Old Navy has so many basic tops in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures – they are one of my go-to places for basics at great prices.  Think about getting some tops that fit well for your body type and make you feel cozy and comfy to layer under scarves, cardigans, chunky knits, button downs, and vests for the upcoming chill.  Fall is all about the layers, ladies and gents.

(Links listed below)


Old Navy Fall Picks

Enjoy your day! ♥xo Kathryn

My J Crew Factory Fall Picks

Still looking forward to fall shopping.  Here are my J Crew Factory fall picks:

(links below)


J Crew Factory Fall Picks


I am the type of girl that gravitates towards black, white, navy, and oatmeal colors.  I love grey t-shirts.  I could buy one from every store and want more.  They are always the softest, most versatile pieces of clothing in my opinion.  If I had to live on a deserted island I would bring an old grey t-shirt with me.  It would be one of my 3 items I’m allowed to take, as the joke goes.  Naturally, fall is my favorite season to dress for because most of my favorite colors to dress with are on spotlight.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love neon and bright pink, however, most items of clothing I own are neutral (I get it from my mother).  The items I’ve chosen are a perfect blend of comfort and style.  I think mixing a merlot pencil skirt with a casual camo tee and being able to throw a crewneck sweater over it when the night air gets a chill in it is an amazing combination.  Elastic band skirts and pants that are in style?!  An old soul’s dream.  I hope you love these pieces as much as I do.  Enjoy!  ♥xo Kathryn

J Crew sweater

J Crew j crew sweater

Sweatshirts hoody

T shirt

J Crew top

J Crew blue sweater

J Crew green jacket

J Crew clothing

J.Crew pull on pants

J.Crew denim jeans

Long skirt

J Crew mini skirt

Factory skinny cord

Suede shoes

Loafer shoes

J Crew flat

Pink shawl

Baseball cap


We are entering that weird stage of weather when there is a chill in the morning and in the mid-90s by the time you leave work.  Speaking of work, the climate resembles that of a meat locker in the office building I work at so I’ve been enjoying inside sweater weather, but sweating after walking out the door at 5pm into a wall of humidity (stripping down to the bare minimum in the car much?).  There has to be a happy medium somewhere, and I’m bound & determined to find it at some point!  Here are some of my recent outfits:  (you can tell which days I’m going to work and which days I’m outside on the weekend LOL)

Processed with Rookie

top / dolman sleeve sweater from Target, bottoms / Miss Me denim, sandals / Target, bag / Steve Madden

Processed with Rookie

top & dress / Forever 21, bracelet / Shop Crystal Faye online store


top / Target, bottoms / Jessica Simpson jeggings from TJ Maxx, shoes / Jessica Simpson wedges, thrifted


necklace / Ebay, top / Gap, bottoms / Old Navy, sandals / Target

Processed with Rookie

scarf / Target, top / Gap, bottoms / Forever 21 high waist shorts, sandals / Target

Processed with Rookie

dress / Old Navy

I honestly dislike this “in between” weather, I wish I could just dress for summer or just dress for fall, however, until October I probably will not get my wish.  I’ll have to make the best of both worlds until then.  Layers, layers, layers!

I hope you’re enjoying your day!

♥xo Kathryn

Goings On

This past week has been a blur.  Busy would be an understatement.  I’ve taken time to get out and try a few new places (which you’ll see here this week!), spend some time with friends, and even went on a little shopping trip for myself.  I am really enjoying spring here in Richmond, VA.  The weather has had it’s ups and downs, but most of the weekends recently have been gorgeous!  I am trying to take full advantage!

Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie

Capital Coffee & Desserts is a great place to grab a coffee and a treat.  This little delight is their chocolate, caramel tart.  I’m telling you, it is worth every. single. calorie.

Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie

This week I tried Yoplait’s new smoothie mixes.  I tried the chocolate strawberry and the chocolate banana.  I have to say the banana was my favorite, but I believe that was because I made it creamier than the first try with the strawberry.  All you have to do is pull the bag from the freezer, rip it open, pour in the contents, add some milk (I used 2% regular ol’ cow’s milk, however soy or almond would be great with it!), and blend!  It was very easy.  I would also venture to say that adding some alcohol would also be a plus if you want to use it for that reason.  Verdict:  I’ll definitely purchase again so that I can have a bag in my freezer for an occasional treat!

(Glass and paper straw from Target)

Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie

I ran to the local liquor store for shenanigans with a friend because I heard Van Gogh Espresso was on clearance.  I got it for $10 off a bottle.  That’s only $12.50 a bottle after sale!!  For this brand and type of liquor that is a great deal so I grabbed the last 2 bottles they had.  I originally tried this when my Uncle Chris brought some home with him so that we could try a dab in our coffee.  He calls it adding some “love” to his cup of joe.  So I fell in love with “love” and I have to tell you, it is even great over ice with a dash of cream liquor.

Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie

I went to Target after work one evening because a co-worker said, “Hey do you want to come to Target with me?” and that’s not even a question one would need to ask me.  Thus, here are my grabs for the night.  I got some nude sandals on clearance, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, It’s Complicated on DVD for $5, and they had a sale for BOGO 1/2 off jewelry, so I snagged a couple of chandelier earrings.  I love wearing snazzy earrings with a simple skirt and basic tank or tee in the summer, especially when it is so hot I have to throw my hair up in a bun.  It just makes it a touch dressier while still being comfy casual.

Here’s some of my outfits for the week:

Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie

Skirt:  thrifted,  Top:  Ann Taylor LOFT,  Necklace:  Ebay find,  Sandals:  Target

IMG_2461 Processed with Rookie

White eyelet dress:  Old Navy,  Sandals:  American Eagle;  Red/Purple Maxi:  Calvin Klein via Ross Dress For Less, Clutch:  Coach

Processed with Rookie IMG_2540

(Left)  Skirt:  Ann Taylor LOFT,  Top:  Gap,  Earrings & Sandals:  Target,  Bag:  Steve Madden

(Right)  Skirt:  gifted,  Top:  Old Navy,  Sandals:  Target,  Bag:  Can you tell I love that Steve Madden bag??

A lot of my clothes are purchased on sale or clearance or even thrifted.  Coupons, sales, and free shipping are my friends.  I love finding great pieces for an even better price!  A few of my favorite stores are consignment stores, thrift stores, or TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Ross.  If I can find it for cheap, I love it even more!

I hope you’re having a great week and I appreciate you stopping by!

♥xo  Kathryn