My J Crew Factory Fall Picks

Still looking forward to fall shopping.  Here are my J Crew Factory fall picks:

(links below)


J Crew Factory Fall Picks


I am the type of girl that gravitates towards black, white, navy, and oatmeal colors.  I love grey t-shirts.  I could buy one from every store and want more.  They are always the softest, most versatile pieces of clothing in my opinion.  If I had to live on a deserted island I would bring an old grey t-shirt with me.  It would be one of my 3 items I’m allowed to take, as the joke goes.  Naturally, fall is my favorite season to dress for because most of my favorite colors to dress with are on spotlight.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love neon and bright pink, however, most items of clothing I own are neutral (I get it from my mother).  The items I’ve chosen are a perfect blend of comfort and style.  I think mixing a merlot pencil skirt with a casual camo tee and being able to throw a crewneck sweater over it when the night air gets a chill in it is an amazing combination.  Elastic band skirts and pants that are in style?!  An old soul’s dream.  I hope you love these pieces as much as I do.  Enjoy!  ♥xo Kathryn

J Crew sweater

J Crew j crew sweater

Sweatshirts hoody

T shirt

J Crew top

J Crew blue sweater

J Crew green jacket

J Crew clothing

J.Crew pull on pants

J.Crew denim jeans

Long skirt

J Crew mini skirt

Factory skinny cord

Suede shoes

Loafer shoes

J Crew flat

Pink shawl

Baseball cap

Swimsuit Dreamin’

Since I’ll be taking a vacation at the beach in a couple months I needed to get a swimsuit – or two.  I found some bottoms from J Crew on major, MAJOR sale (this particular one shown below was 19.99 after the additional 40% off).  I love the mix & match look of a solid top or bottom with a printed opposite.  I will be spending the next few weekends trying to find the perfect solid black top to complement the bottoms that I ordered.  I really like this black top and would love to find something similar.  I’m on a mission!

I put together a visual packing list of what I will need to take to the beach; it helps me to know what else I need to get.  On the list?  A floppy hat, beach shoes, and a cover-up.  There are so many options for cover-ups now.  The market is saturated with choices.  I really like the sheer sundress or tunic looks because they are so easy to throw on and jet into a store or have lunch on a patio without feeling like you don’t actually have clothes on.  On the other hand, I love the original sarong style cover that can be worn just to cover the hips or tied higher to cover the entire chest and torso.  These large scarves are usually bright and bold with so many patterns and colors to choose from.  It’s an additional accessory to your swimsuit rather than hiding it.  This particular one shown below is a large scarf from H&M specifically for that purpose.  Any other ideas?

Beach Days

River Island bikini swimsuit
$27 –

H M cover up
$14 –

Flip flops

Flora Bella beach bag

Straw hat

Hope everyone has a lovely Monday tomorrow!


♥xo Kathryn

Shop til’ ye drop

One of my friends and I have been so looking forward to this moment for months.  The Kate Spade store in Richmond is finally open!  We planned a visit and we were not disappointed! ♠♠♠  Everything was cute, even down to the handheld mirror they have available for checking out yourself while trying on earrings.  The store was styled to perfection and the ladies working were to die for.  Such a 5 star experience.

Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie IMG_2964 Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie

We came, we saw, we conquered! Celebrated and “cheers-d” with coffee after.  It was such a great day!  We also made a few other stops…

Processed with Rookie IMG_2968 IMG_2970 Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie

All in all it was a great time!  We hit several shops and it looks like we did major damage, but most all of the bags we had only held one item.  We splurged without going too crazy, which is needed sometimes!  I found a Marc Jacobs bag that I lusted after and I tried on a few pairs of shorts in J Crew (I decided on the green floral pair on top – was on major sale! score!).  We indulged in cake pops from our favorite cupcake shoppe (Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe) and we soaked up all of the girly time we spent together.  I can definitely say bonding over a mutual love of Kate Spade ♠ is amazing!  Find your shopping soul mate and go window shopping with a coffee in hand!

(**Special thank you to my friend, Amanda, for letting me put her sweet face on here!)

I hope you savor the little moments in life!

♥xo Kathryn

Summer Afternoons

I enjoy a warm, breezy summer afternoon just like everyone else.  I was thinking today about going to a park to get some sun on my pale body and catch up on a good read.  Of course that got me thinking… what shall I bring with me?  What all would I need for an afternoon in the park of sunning and relaxation??

Summer Afternoon

The basics:  I need a towel, a fantastic book to read, lightweight tank and shorts over my swimsuit and cute sandals in case I want to stop for coffee or run an errand before or after, sunnies and a floppy hat to shield my eyes, dry oil/tanning spray or sunscreen, facial/body mist for cooling off, a water bottle, and a large (adorable) tote to hold all of my items.

Isn’t the swimsuit I found the cutest?  It’s a J Crew swimsuit (so is the towel).  I really love strapless tops since they allow for less tan lines, but they are hard for busty women to be comfortable in, which makes me frown some.  I am also digging the vintage bathing suit trend with higher waists to cover a little more and accentuate all of a woman’s curves properly.

If you went to the park, beach, or your backyard to catch some rays would you be a magazine or a novel girl?  I’ve always been a beach – book kind of girl.  Living so close to the beach in my early adulthood, admittedly, spoiled me.  I would keep a packed beach bag in my car at all times and would get up and head to the beach to read, reflect, refresh, and reset myself over the weekends.  It was, in a word, marvelous.  Some days I would take beer over ice with me, some days I would stop at a beach bar for a frozen drink, and some days it would simply be water.  Some days I’d stay out there for hours, some days it would only be for a short while.  There was no plan, there was no rush, there was no one else to worry about except for myself.  It was my “me time.”  I try to capture that feeling again by going to a park here in the city with a book and a large towel and free time.  Make sure you carve out time for your ‘serene’ as well!

♥xo Kathryn

Beachin’ J Crew

I am planning an end of summer beach trip so that I can take a few days to get back to my roots and get some sun on my skin before the crisp air settles in.  While I was looking at the J Crew Factory website I started thinking of all the things that a girl would need for a quick vacation near the salt water and sand.  Of course, they didn’t disappoint!

IMG_0792 IMG_0793 IMG_0794 IMG_0795 IMG_0796 IMG_0798

An adorable printed beach towel would come in handy for not only beach trips, but also for picnics and days spent reading in the park (it could be a city towel too!).  I could also see a need for some sunnies, dressy-yet-casual sandals for transitioning from beach to dinner on an outside patio, a cute bag to store sunscreen, lip balm, and the small necessities, and a fedora to coolly block the sun out of my eyes while giving me sweaty hat hair.  They also have the most amazing scalloped dress that would be so cute for a sunset seafood dinner.  Can’t you picture it?!  I can’t wait!  I haven’t been to the beach in so long, it’ll be a nice treat.  Did I miss anything else I would need?…

♥xo Kathryn

Night Moves

The things I want to look at or buy upon walking into a store have made a shift over the last 5 years or so.  I’ve always wanted to have a cute apartment since I got my own back in Two-Thousand-I-Don’t-Want-To-Admit-How-Long-It’s-Been.  Let’s just say, for a few (ahem) years, I have been mildly interested in home furnishings, but it would always take a back seat to a bar tab and “going out” clothes.  Recently, however, I have gone to the home section of a store before even venturing through clothing.  Going out clothes have not been purchased in eons – the last time I “went out” it took me almost an hour to find something to wear that didn’t look like I’m a kindergarten teacher stepping out of Gap.  Now I won’t even buy a dress or skirt unless I can wear it to work (i.e. proper length).  I buy workout clothes.  I know.  I can’t even believe it myself.  Anywho, my point is, my interests have curved.  One of my newest loves:  PAJAMAS!  I have had a love affair with pajama pants and shorts for as long as I can remember, but now I really have gotten into matching pajama sets.  Stay with me, I know it sounds funny.

When I get home after work I can’t wait to wash my face, put my hair in a ponytail, and change into something comfortable.  Who says your comfortable clothes have to be drab?  I like my old T-shirts, but most of the time I’d like to be adorable.  (It’s a character flaw.)  Think of the things that you really need for comfort while sleeping as well.  T-shirts get too hot at night and with the tossing I do it feels like a baby monkey is choking me when I wear a crew neck to bed.  I like something breathable, and lightweight, also preferably not cloying.  Remember, I flip over a lot.  Here’s some of my recent favorites:

IMG_0755 IMG_0756 IMG_0757 IMG_0758

(Victoria’s Secret sleepwear) – Can you tell I really love the lace details on the edges of the fabric?

IMG_0746 IMG_0747

(J Crew Factory sleepwear)  – Tell me that red & white number isn’t to die for.  And red piping on a baby blue PJ set?  Adorable.

IMG_0751 IMG_0752 IMG_0753 IMG_0754

(Nordstrom Rack sleepwear) – Once again, lace details on the edges of the fabric.  The pretty pastel colors and feminine pieces are classic.

Other favorite places to look for PJs are:  Old Navy, Forever 21, Etsy.

Sleep tight!

♥xo Kathryn

Spring Shorts

Can we just take a moment to ogle J Crew Factory’s latest spring shorts?!  I showed you some of my favorite spring sandals in an earlier post, now it is time for some of my favorite shorts!  We have to show off the gams in the warmer months, so make sure you do it in style.  Made for great quality and extreme cuteness at a reasonable price (I usually shop the factory instead of the flagship stores because of that) J Crew is always dependable for both.  Through the years I’ve also grown to love shorts that extend further than the parts you are trying to cover up (which is unfortunately one of the many reasons I personally do not or cannot shop at Hollister) and J Crew offers different inch lengths for some of their shorts.  If you feel comfortable in 3″, 4″, or 5″ shorts, you have the choice between the three in most of their solid colors.  I love having that modesty/comfort option.  These are some of my spring choices:

(J Crew Factory Shorts Link)

photo 1 (12) photo 1 (13) photo 2 (11) photo 2 (12) photo 3 (12) photo 4 (12) photo 5 (8)  <– (These are my favorite ♥)

They usually sell out quickly so if you find something you like, it’s best to go ahead and grab it.  The clearance section is always fun to browse through as well.  Make sure you sign up for emails if you like their items (or with any company you fancy that has an email list for that matter) because they change up sales often and you don’t want to miss out when they have a great sale & free shipping!

♥xo Kathryn