My H&M Fall Picks

If you want to know what Kathryn would wear, you’re in luck.  College football season has kicked off and I’m sitting front row on my couch with a nice fall brew, homemade buffalo chicken dip & chips, and my laptop on my lap with my fall picks in mind.  I love browsing and online shopping while watching television.  I have been searching websites for my top fall picks and making mental notes for some future outfits.  Here are my picks from H&M:

Casual, dress up/down, layering, mixing textures, & dark jewel tones are catching my attention.


H&M Fall Picks


H M black lace dress
$8.29 –

H M long sleeve dress
$21 –

H M black top
$33 –

H M sweatshirt
$33 –

H M top
$25 –

H M black blouse
$9.95 –

H M jacket
$58 –

H&M dark denim jeans
$50 –

H&M jeans
$13 –

H&M high heel booties
$99 –

H&M black suede pumps
$50 –

H M pointed toe flat
$50 –

H M flat
$13 –

H M handbag
$115 –

H M red crocodile handbag
$50 –

H M sparkly necklace
$30 –

H M necklace
$22 –

H M wool hat
$22 –

H M woolen scarve
$22 –

H M scarve
$12 –

H M print scarve
$6.62 –

What do you think?  Makes you want to get up and go shopping, right?!  Enjoy your long weekend!  ♥xo Kathryn