The summer is my favorite time of the year for dressing.  I always catch myself saying during the colder months, “I can’t wait until I can throw on a sundress and sandals and be ready.”  It is the absolute truth, you hear me?  I love the fall more than anything in the whole wide world, but having to put on ten layers gets a girl down sometimes.  You can bet I’m certainly enjoying this season of “throw on & go” attire, but I’m trying to switch things up and make it as interesting as possible.


top Forever 21 thrifted / skirt Ann Taylor LOFT / cardigan Target / loafers TJ Maxx

This skirt is one of my all time faves!  I got it for $6 at LOFT and I wear it spring through fall.  It looks adorable with a plaid button down shirt, statement necklace, and knee high cognac colored riding boots just as good as it looks with sandals and a bright tank in the summer.  Always think ‘versatility’ when making purchases!


sweater The Limited / dress Old Navy / sandals American Eagle / necklace Ebay find

I got bored with putting on a cardigan to keep myself warm at the office so I jazzed things up with a lightweight sweater over my dress to simulate a sweater and skirt effect.  It worked!  I tricked a few people, mu ah ha ha!

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top Target / jeans Zara thrifted / sandals Target / necklace Ebay find

Another one of my favorite things about the summer is being able to put on a pair of jeans, sandals, and cute top with 1 accessory, such as a statement necklace or summer scarf, and look perfectly put together with such ease.  I don’t like jeans as much as dresses (I mean who doesn’t like to twirl?), but I do try my best to get some good use out of my denim and go casual some days with that easy look.  Not looking easy… you know what I meant!


top Ralph Lauren / shorts H&M / sandals Target / bag Steve Madden

Aren’t these shorts adorable?!?!  My friend Amanda and I have matching shorts from a shopping trip.  Sometimes we like twinning.  These shorts are lightweight, soft, and can easily pair with basic tops of all structures (tank, tee, button down, etc).  They would even look adorable with a pair of pink or red converse!  Again, versatility!




top Gap / jeans Miss Me / sandals Target / scarf gifted

Here again I am trying to pull off that easy breezy summer look, this time with a lightweight scarf.  The entire look is comfortable and cute while being casual, yet put together.  Great for a “casual Friday” outfit, perhaps with ballet flats for offices that don’t allow sandals.

Hope you got some ideas for mixing up your own closet.  Enjoy!  See you next time!

♥xo Kathryn

Playing Dress Up

I’m a girl who loves to shop.  There are days that I look at my full closet and say, “I have nothing to wear” just like most other lovely ladies.  It usually has more to do with my mood than the availability of clothes, but I usually  have a small twinge of guilt after saying it because I do have an abundance of clothing, which I am blessed to have.  I LOVE to shop sales and thrift stores and see what I can get for the lowest cost, and I will continue to add pieces into my closet in that same fashion, but I am trying to use everything that I already have and mix it up to keep myself interested in the existing.  Therefore most of my items aren’t available for purchase still but I do love seeing other outfits on Pinterest and blogs so that I can get inspiration and ideas to influence my creativity for my own wardrobe.  That’s the idea here.  It’s my virtual closet so that I can do the same for others and help myself remember in future days.  I hope you enjoy!

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top Ann Taylor Loft / skirt Thrifted / sandals Target / necklace Ebay

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dress Calvin Klein from Ross / clutch Coach

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earrings Target / top Gap / skirt Ann Taylor Loft / sandals Target / bag Steve Madden


top Old Navy / skirt Gifted / sandals Target / bag Steve Madden


dress purchased at Ross / sandals Target / ring Ebay

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dress Gifted / belt Ebay / sandals Banana Republic

IMG_2692 IMG_2694

top Old Navy / skirt J Crew Factory / sandals American Eagle

Goings On

This past week has been a busy one.  My mother is off gallivanting on vacation and I’m very envious of that.  Even though I’m still in my everyday routine (and not on vacation – dernit), I’ve been trying to stay busy and enjoy the wonderful weather when we get it.  Green tea & lime coolers, Starbucks Frappuccino happy hour, and workout sessions at the gym have been scattered through my week to keep me going.

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Some of this week’s outfits:

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dress Forever 21 / boots Etienne Agner

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sweater Target / scarf gifted / denim Miss Me / flats Target / clutch Coach

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(Left) cardigan J Crew / dress Old Navy / necklace Ebay purchase / sandals Target

(Right) shirt Ralph Lauren / shorts Old Navy / sandals Target

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Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo!  I celebrated by going out for Mexican food (my favorite) and margaritas with a few of the girls I work with.  I now have a new place to venture to that serves fish tacos – you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find places that serve good fish tacos – and a commemorative mason jar to cherish!  Thanks to Pepe’s in Richmond, Virginia!  It was a blast!

Tonight I’m going to try out a neon pink polish on my nails while watching the season finale (sad face) of The Mindy Project!  I love the show because she is a positive role model for girls and it doesn’t hurt that Danny Castellano (played by Chris Messina) is a cutie pie and a half.  Girls need a beautiful woman to see embracing self-confidence, humor, and loving herself no matter her looks, and Mindy Kaling has nailed that role.  I will always be a fan of hers and support her show for that reason.  Too often we have pencils for role models and it is getting tiresome.  Here, here for the ladies that “fluctuate between chubby and curvy”.  Like I always say, I have an hourglass figure, I’m just working on some overtime.  I’m glad to see other women rocking their curves as well.  Also, this Sunday is mother’s day (don’t forget!) and mine is M.I.A. and several states away so I will be enjoying a low key weekend.  I’ll have to venture out to Mongrel (Richmond, VA) at some point to get a funny, heartwarming card for her – they have the best!  Enjoy your week!

♥xo Kathryn