Since temperatures have started to head into preferable ranges I have had a blast dressing for the new fall season.  I have always been addicted to button down shirts and mad for plaid.  My new loafer obsession has kicked into high gear and I’ll be on the lookout for a nice pair at a reasonable price (or on sale).  New booties have been found (at Marshalls for $20!!  High five!).  Boots pulled from the closet and dusted off, made for walking, have been making a debut as well.  Scarves, oh scarves…  I can’t explain how excited I get to dress for milder temperatures.  Recent wears:

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My new loves.  Extremely soft on the inside with a fur lining, just enough Western flair stitching mixed with a more modern shape, and a color that I can make go with anything.  For twenty bucks, that’s a steal.


plaid shirt / Ross, sweater / Loft, necklace / Ebay find


shirt / Gap, jeans / Miss Me, loafers / TJ Maxx, scarf / TJ Maxx

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shirt / Target, scarf / gifted


shirt / H&M, jeans / Gap – thrifted, sandals / Forever 21, bag / Coach

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shirt / Loft, plaid shirt / H&M – thrifted, jeans / Gap, sandals / Forever 21, bag / Steve Madden


shirt / Ross, skirt / gifted, sandals / TJ Maxx


dress / TJ Maxx, scarf / gifted


dress / Target, boots TJ Maxx, bag / Steve Madden

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shirt / Loft, plaid shirt / Target, jeans / Gap – thrifted, loafers / TJ Maxx, phone case / Kate Spade, watch / Michael Kors


shirt / WalMart, skirt / Loft, boots / Urban Outfitters

Enjoy! xo♥ Kathryn


We are entering that weird stage of weather when there is a chill in the morning and in the mid-90s by the time you leave work.  Speaking of work, the climate resembles that of a meat locker in the office building I work at so I’ve been enjoying inside sweater weather, but sweating after walking out the door at 5pm into a wall of humidity (stripping down to the bare minimum in the car much?).  There has to be a happy medium somewhere, and I’m bound & determined to find it at some point!  Here are some of my recent outfits:  (you can tell which days I’m going to work and which days I’m outside on the weekend LOL)

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top / dolman sleeve sweater from Target, bottoms / Miss Me denim, sandals / Target, bag / Steve Madden

Processed with Rookie

top & dress / Forever 21, bracelet / Shop Crystal Faye online store


top / Target, bottoms / Jessica Simpson jeggings from TJ Maxx, shoes / Jessica Simpson wedges, thrifted


necklace / Ebay, top / Gap, bottoms / Old Navy, sandals / Target

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scarf / Target, top / Gap, bottoms / Forever 21 high waist shorts, sandals / Target

Processed with Rookie

dress / Old Navy

I honestly dislike this “in between” weather, I wish I could just dress for summer or just dress for fall, however, until October I probably will not get my wish.  I’ll have to make the best of both worlds until then.  Layers, layers, layers!

I hope you’re enjoying your day!

♥xo Kathryn

Spring Feet

As the seasons change I like to reevaluate my look from head to toe.  I enjoy the minor changes in wardrobe and accessories as the weather evolves.  I’ll be showing some of my favorite picks in a breakdown of posts starting from the ground up.  That means we’re staring with shoes!  …and what girl doesn’t like shoes in some capacity?  My favorite trends for spring and summer usually include flats as opposed to heels.  I love being able to throw on a sundress and sandals and run out the door while still looking adorable.  Gladiator, cutouts, embellished, and bowed are some things I’ve been gravitating towards lately.


photo 1 (4) photo 2 (4) photo 4 (4)

(Left to Right, Links Included)

1. We’re starting with my personal favorite brand of shoe.  Steve Madden.  Unfortunately I can’t find these for sale ANYWHERE. (Cue tears.)  However, (there’s a however! yay!)  I have a stunning pair of these *exact* same shoes from Target for 19.99 since I can’t get my grubby little hands on the Steve Maddens.  Since they’re adorable, you might want to hurry to Target to grab them.  I have a feeling they will go quickly.  Target alternative:  Xhilaration Sidney Sandals

2.  Steve Madden “Cufff Sandal” shown in camel/gold.  There are other colors available including silver and black.

3.  SM “Glaare Sandal” shown in silver/dark brown


photo 5 (4) photo 4 (6) photo 3 (7)

1. Xhilaration Nude flats from Target you can pair with anything.  A staple for any wardrobe.

2. Trendy Two Piece aka “middle missing” flats also from Target that I’m a huge fan of.

3.  Snake print DV by Dolce Vita from Lord and Taylor.  Who doesn’t love a dash of animal print?


photo 4 (8) photo 4 (7) photo 2 (7) photo 1 (7)

Each from ModCloth.  Similar, but not the same.  Made for interesting foot tan-lines.  Most have other color options available.

1. Café Circuit Sandal shown in Chai.

2. Ice and Easy Sandal – I love the cutout pattern.

3.  Set in Gemstone Sandal – An embellished option for the neutral cutout flat.

4.  Sarasota Fountain Sandal – More of a gladiator approach with this sandal.


photo 3 (8) photo 2 (6) photo 1 (6)

1. A girly pop of red with an adornment I cherish.  The Dreaming on the Dock Sandal is too cute.

2. The Rampage Rangler Flat Sandal is nude and lovely.  A perfect addition to any ensemble.  I could see these with bright, skinny jeans or a floral, flouncy sundress.

3.  These red jelly gems are perfect for the beach or sunning in the park.  Just make sure you turn them face down or hide them in your bag while you aren’t wearing them.  Believe me, this material will get hot and will burn your feet when you slide them back on.  Barefoot Tess LA Jellys

Some of my favorite websites to find cute shoes at a great price:






Look for free shipping offers and additional percentages off of already marked sale items.  That’s how you’ll get your best deal.  I also like to sign up for emails from the websites I like most.  For websites like 6pm.com they will email you when something you like is back in  stock if they are out of something at the moment.  Others like Macy’s will email you when they’re having a large sale.

PS – I love bold, bright colors, however when it comes to my shoes I like to stick with neutral colors so that I can wear them with almost anything.  Camel, black, gold, nude, and navy are among my favorite shoe colors.  I am really enjoying the jeweled trend lately as well.  I love bright shoes, but I usually stick with neutral so that I can mix and match more.  Style is “to each their own” – I have a friend that can wear neon shoes and pull it off effortlessly.  Go with whatever you are more comfortable with and attracted to.  If you fall in love with lime green shoes in the store and you know you can wear them and rock them with a few looks, then by all means, get those lime green goodies!

♥xo Kathryn